Pathways Level 2 video 2 Pathways Level 2 video 3 V3

Pathways Level 2 video 2 V3
Project 1 - Active Listening - :46
Project 2 - Connect with Your Audience - 1:17
Project 1 - Managing Tim - 1:38
Hi, I’m Tim, your Pathways Guide.

Welcome to Pathways Level 2, video number two.

Why complete the Pathways Level 2?

Pathways Level 2 is similar for all eleven paths. These projects are used in specific paths. The rest are in the other two videos. The projects focus on learning your styles. This helps you to develop an understanding of your personal styles and preferences. You'll have the opportunity to identify your leadership or communication styles and preferences.

There are three projects explained here.

• Project one is active listening, which is in Level 2 in two paths, Motivational Strategies, and Team Collaboration. This project covers the difference between hearing and listening and steps for exploring the ways listening helps build strong, lasting connections. The purpose is to act as the Table Topics Master and demonstrate your ability to listen to what others say.

• Project two is to connect with your audience, which is in Level 2 in 3 paths, Innovative Planning, Persuasive Influence, and Engaging Humor. This project focuses on different audience types and how to address them effectively. The purpose is to practice the skills needed to connect with an unfamiliar audience

• Project three is managing time. This project is only in the Leadership Development path and is designed to help you manage your time, discover time management techniques, and employ them in your speeches and daily life. The purpose is to develop a 5- to 7-minute speech on any topic. As you develop your speech, record the time required for each task in order to help you determine how you can improve your time management strategies.

What’s in it for you?

Skills learned in these Level 2 projects will help you to learn your individual styles. These skills develop or enhance your listening skills, connecting with unfamiliar audience members, as well as time management skills.

I wish you success on your Pathways journey.
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