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Path-Goal Leadership Theory PowerPoint Template Diagrams For Presentations

The Best collection of Path-Goal Leadership Theory PowerPoint Template, Diagrams, and Slides to understand the basics of this powerful contingency theory of leadership and how this model reminds a leader is to assist the subordinates in defining their goals and then assist them in accomplishing those goals in the most efficient and effective manner.

What is the Path-Goal Leadership Theory?
The Path-Goal Theory of Leadership belongs to a group of leadership models called contingency models. It was developed by Martin Evans and Robert House in 1971 and derived from the expectancy theory of motivation. The theory states:

The leader’s role is to provide information, support, and other resources necessary to the subordinates (employees) to achieve their goals
Leaders should change their leadership style and behavior depending on the situation they face so that it best fits the employee and work environment to enhance employee performance and satisfaction by focusing on employee motivation

Template Content:
- What is the Path-Goal Leadership Theory?
- Path-Goal Theory of Leadership Model Diagram
- Path-Goal Theory at Multiple Levels
- Path-Goal Theory – Leadership Styles
- Subordinate Characteristics
- Environmental Factors (Characteristics)
- How The Path-Goal Theory Works
- The Advantages and Disadvantages of Path-Goal Theory
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