Passive Investing: How Passive Can it Really Get?

There's two ways to do real estate: active and passive. If you're into real estate because you want financial and location independence, the freedom to make an impact, time and freedom of choice, passive investing should be the path for you. To know more about this, we talk with Whitney Elkins-Hutten.

Whitney is the Director of investor education at She is a partner in $700M+ of real estate —including over 5000+ residential units (MF, MHP, SFR, and assisted living) and more than 1400+ self-storage units across 7 states—and experience flipping over $3.0M in residential real estate.

In today's episode, she talks to us in detail about the difference between active and passive investing. She goes deep into how to find out if you want to start a real estate business or passively invest in real estate, and the freedoms that passive investing may provide. She also shares doing one's due diligence and how to vet operators should you decide to invest passively. This is one episode you shouldn't miss!

For today’s episode we will cover:

00:00 - 04:26 - Guest Intro: Whitney Elkins-Hutten
Whitney’s background
The first property, accidental landlord
Living and flipping and house hacking

04:26 - 13:16 - Transition to multifamily real estate
Thoughts about Anthony Vicino’s “Do you want to be a real estate investor or do you want to build a real estate business?”
The five freedoms in life and passive investing
Passive vs active investing

13:16 - 30:16 - Becoming director of investor education at and its responsibilities
Common themes as far as what investors are looking for
Educating investors on vetting sponsors and finding the right people to invest with
The type of control that the limited partner has

30:16 - 42:38 - Having a clear strategy and core thesis as an operator
Today’s investing appetite
Doing one’s due diligence
The future trajectory at passive

42:38 - 44:34 - What Whitney likes to do to further her education in investing
One event that really changed Whitney’s trajectory
Doing one’s due diligence
Advice that will help listeners grow their real estate businesses

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