Pasco Podcast - Ep. #16 (12.16.2021)

Happy New Year & welcome to another episode of Pasco Podcast! Join Pasco County Administrator Dan Biles and his special guests for a candid conversation about leadership and public service and how to leverage those skills for success.

Episode #16 Guests from our Development Services Branch:

Roy Mazur / Building Construction Services Director
Ramon Blanco Jr. / Deputy Building Official

Pasco Podcast’s goal is to highlight the requirements, pathways and benefits of taking on a leadership role in various public service settings. Each episode features different county and community leaders who share their personal growth experiences and offer insight to their unique leadership styles. We hope you’ll learn from their life experiences, successes and challenges – and be inspired to further pursue your personal development goals. Thank you to the residents of Pasco County, as represented by the Board of County Commissioners. Their trust and empowerment of our workforce and leadership team makes this podcast possible.

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