Part B and Part C | Most Easy to Score and Important Questions | 2ndPUC Mathematics

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Oneshot Lectures 2nd PUC Maths 2024

Vectors :
3D Geoemtry:
Inverse Trigonometry
Relations and Functions 2nd PUC
Continuity and Differentiability | 2nd PUC Maths 2024
L01: Continuity
L02: Basics of Differentiation
L03 Methods of Differentiation
L04 Parametric Differentiation
L05 Double Differentiation
Application of Derivatives | 2nd PUC Maths 2024
L01 Rate of Change of Quantities
L02 Increasing and Decreasing functions
L03 Maxima and Minima
Integrals | 2nd PUC Maths Exam 2024
L01: Basics of Integration
L02: Methods of Integration : Substitution methods
L03: Integration of Trigonometric functions
L04 Integration of some particular functions | 5 Marks Fixed Questions 2nd PUC
L05 Integration using Partial Fractions | 2nd PUC Maths
L06 Integration by Parts | 2nd PUC Maths Integrals
L07 Integration of some more types | 2nd PUC Integrals 5 Marks Fixed
L08 Definite Integrals | Integrals
L09 Properties of Definite Integrals | Important 6 marks 2nd PUC Maths
Application of Integrals | 2nd PUC Maths 2024
Application of Integrals Important Questions
Differential Equations | 2nd PUC Maths 2024
L01 Order Degree, basics
L02 Methods of Solving | Variable Separable | 2nd PUC Mathematics 2024
L03 Homogeneous Differential Equations | Important Question | 2nd PUC Mathematics 2024
L04 Linear Differential Equations | Methods of Solving

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