Paris Escooter Ban: Stein Van Oosteren

Stein Van Oosteren is a Franco-Dutch individual with 18 years of experience building relationships between governments and experts in the fields of justice, security, education, cultural heritage, science, communication, and information. As a Dutch government attaché, he has advised multiple ambassadors in these areas and represented the Dutch government in numerous intergovernmental meetings and negotiations.
He is a proactive, curious, and consistently upbeat person with a background in psychology and philosophy, and he takes great pleasure in presenting complex subjects in simple terms. This combination of skills helps him effortlessly establish new and fruitful connections with representatives from other nations in a pleasant and constructive manner, which is deeply rewarding for him.
Areas of expertise: • Strategic and budgetary issues in the United Nations context: Results-Based Management and Budgeting, performance evaluation, prioritization exercises, governance methods • Scientific subjects: sustainable development, water (freshwater and oceans), science policy • Documentary heritage • Communication: social media, speechwriting • Networking and stakeholder mobilization: initiating working groups with Member States • UNESCO: history, buildings, art collection
He is fluent in French, English, and Dutch, and has a working knowledge of Italian.
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