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In today's video, I explain the difference in paramotor training philosophy.

What exactly does that even mean?

Well over the last few years I've started to notice a trend.

And that trend is that schools either treat paramotors like a paraglider with a motor or like an airplane.

And depending on which they choose, they train differently.

The paraglider with a motor philosophy focuses on glider control and ground handling first and foremost. It's all about the reflexes and muscle memory.

The airplane philosophy focuses on teaching the student to launch, fly, and land without a lot of focus on the glider control of the ground handling side of things.

At Backcountry PPG we take a paraglider with a motor philosophy to teaching pilots to fly. Our school is focused on teaching you everything there is to know about how to fly that glider first - before you ever take your first flights.

We are a firm believer that the more glider control YOU have - the safer you will be and most importantly, the more fun you will have.

More glider control means fewer blown launches. It means more control of your wing in turbulence. It means smoother landings. And in the end, it just means you are a better all-around pilot.

At Backcountry PPG we have a very structured approach to teaching our students how to fly. We work hard to help our students learn and most importantly retain the information they have learned.

Our curriculum/syllabus has been handcrafted by our team of instructors over the last 8 years of teaching people to fly and after every class, we sit down to see what we can do to improve how we teach our students.

If you are interested in learning more about our training program, check out the website listed below.

- August 5-16
- Sept 2-13
- Oct 7-18
- Nov 4-15

- 10 days
- 5 students
- 2-3 instructors
- 6 days of ground handling and 4 days of flying (on average)
- Unlimited equipment use
- All training equipment provided
- $2,500
- No pressure to buy gear
- Lodging, transportation, and food are not included
- Located in Salt Lake City, Utah


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