PANELMASTER STEEL - Plant technology for the continuous production of polyurethane sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are special insulating boards which are constructed
of several sandwich-like layers. The structure usually includes two
facings which are either rigid (steel plate) or flexible (aluminum foil
or paper), and a core made of polyurethane (PU / PIR) or mineral wool
which functions as an insulating layer. Due to these composite layers
which are securely attached to one another, the panels are also
known as composite panels.

The PANELMASTER STEEL from the sandwich panel specialists
Hennecke-OMS enables continuous production of panels
with different facings, thicknesses, and profiles. In order to fulfil
the specific requirements of a growing market, particularly with
regards to premium products made at high production speeds,
the company has now introduced an extensively reworked
generation of production lines.

- Continuous coil handling and preparation, processing and profiling of the metal facings
- Complete equipment for metering, storing, transporting, and monitoring the raw materials and additives
- Well-planned arrangement of individual units for the customers’ most diverse product specifications
- Proven high-pressure technology for the foaming portal and mixheads ensures uniform cell structure and efficient raw material yield
- High-precision and robust double plate conveyors and innovative side conveyor guides for consistently high product quality
- Energy efficient heating and cooling
- Comprehensive control system including panel management, process data recording and graphics for evaluation and analysis
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