Panel Discussion: The Shape Shifters of 2021

Discussion questions:
• Are you finding that the roles within the records management industry, whilst remaining the same by title, now incorporate and involve a higher level of responsibilities?
• Are we a records manager or a records technologist? The skill sets do not often overlap but moving toward the future they will increasingly overlap? Would you say that many records managers are records technologists but don’t realise it?
• Do you think there will come a day where there are no new paper-based records transferred to state archives?
• Do you see a shift in our responsibility as less about hands-on records management, and more to do with the changing nature of records and advising IT vendors about recordkeeping requirements?

Industry Leaders
Stephen Clarke, Chief Archivist, New Zealand Archives
Simon Froude, Director at State Records, Attorney-General's Department
Martyn Killion, Director, Collections Access & Engagement NSW State Archives
Justine Heazlewood at PROV
Ross Latham, Director Collections & State Archivist - Libraries Tasmania
Dani Wickman, Executive Branch Manager and Director of Territory Records for the ACT
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