Panel Discussion on Diversity & Inclusion and Marketing Intersect in Future | GDMS e5 2022

Global Digital Marketing Summit (GDMS) is a premier series of digital marketing conferences. It designs a significant platform for digital marketers, strategists, entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and marketing specialists to meet, share insights, explore new marketing techniques and collaborate to achieve business betterment digitally.

The theme of our GDMS e5: The Next Big Digital Marketing – “Rethink into the inevitable” reveals new scopes in digital marketing.

Gain insights on the latest massive trends in digital marketing and increase your e-commerce revenue in the real big digital world that is beyond your current ideology!

Speakers: Ms. Prosper Juliet Kadamba, Mr. Vivek Khandelwal, Ms. Jaslyin Qiyu
Topic: Diversity & Inclusion and Marketing Intersect in Future

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