Palo Alto Firewall Training | Module 1 | 3.Platform Types

In this video we will be going through the different types of platform the Palo Alto provides:
We have virtual appliances that can be deployed in a public cloud/ Private Cloud and hybrid clouds and also in the branches or in the DevOps environment.
So in most cases the goal is gonna be to provide segmentation of the applications and off-course to enforce our security policies in those different types of environments. But in this case the idea is that it's gonna be your VM that you will have to install and also mange to provide the protection. And this is opposed to Prisma access type of firewall deployment which is a cloud based firewall service that you can purchase, In this case you will be enforcing your policy using your individual cloud based firewall instance that you will be able to manage as a customer, directly from the cloud. So this is PA cloud in this case the firewall is provided as a Service.
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