Pakistan Crisis 2023 Pakistan News: Reflections Of Sri Lanka Economic Crisis? | Shahbaz Sharif

Pakistan reels under economic crisis, will it trigger government collapse? What is the cause? Who is Pak indebted to?

Beggars can't be choosers: G Parthasarthy, Former Diplomat

Pakistan's debt trap in China's making : Prof Brahma Chellaney, Strategic Expert

"These are the kinds of decisions that are going to take the backward communities ahead and bash the orthodox mentality of the people." Abbas Nighat, activist, elaborates.

SC Advocate, Ashwini Upadhyay weighs in.

Pakistan's political elite had relied on borrowed growth: Dr. Qamar cheema, Strategic Analyst

It is in no one's interest to see a failed state. US and India have a role to play here: Raymond Vickery, CSIS

Current economic model of #Pakistan is not sustainable. It is on the brink of economic collapse: Abdul S Yaqoob, Sr. Leader, PTI

PTI will come back to power: G Parthasarthy, Former High Commissioner to Pakistan
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