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Pacific EN Overview | ARC Institute Team Management Serious Business Game. This trailer, film gives an amazing overview of Pacific Team Management Serious Business Game.

Pacific is a survival adventure that challenges the participant, team leader to escape with a team from a desert island where they are stranded following a plane crash. The chances of escaping with their lives will depend on the participants‘s ability to manage and motivate the team.
Pacific is an virtual online training course based on a simulator that recreates real-life audit leadership management situations to practice their leadership skills and manage teams effectively.

There are 3 types of Serious Business Games training available
1) ready to use, programmed Serious Business Games on various topics
2) Customizable Serious Business Games your own business game, your own content with your company logo in 6 weeks of programming time
3) A completely individual business game, an individually developed game story, individual content

All the advantages at a glance:
+ learning by any end user medium, be it mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC
+ learn at any time at any location, hop-on and hop-off at any time in the business game simulation
+ just a necessary Internet access, nothing more

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The most awarded and successful Serious Business Games production company GL and ARC Institute | Audit Research Center working together as an exclusive partnership in producing gamebased Business Education.

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The ARC Institute is one of the leading strategic think tanks in digitalization of business education.

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We have high expectations of ourselves and our work, and therefore we address critical issues and create customized, individual solutions. Together with our clients, we shape the future by developing new opportunities to face the critical challenges that address differing stakeholder expectations.
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