Oxford Smart Space S2E3 Ready for take-off? Small businesses in the UK space economy

The focus of the discussion will explore the heterogeneity of SMEs working in and across the space economy.

The 'Size and health of the UK Space Industry 2021 report’ finds that the space sector has quadrupled since 2014, growing from 303 organizations to 1293 in 2021, most of those small businesses. There is a need to better understand those businesses working in the space sector, and the support required to scale up and realise the growth of the sector.

The focus of the discussion will explore the heterogeneity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working in and across the space economy. In particular, the session will explore the need to build the capacity of SMEs to engage with the space economy, including the problems and challenges that businesses face.

The speakers will also explore the need to connect both emerging and established clusters comprising the space economy in the UK, helping small businesses engage with larger businesses and establish themselves in national and international markets and supply chains.

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