Overview: Reports in Narrative Reporting

Learn about the key features and capabilities of Reports in Narrative Reporting. Reports allows you to create comprehensive, dynamic, and integrated reports by using a report designer to insert and format report objects, such as grids and charts, to present data from Cloud EPM, Cloud ERP and Essbase cloud data sources.

0:00 Reports in Narrative Reporting
0:24 Creating and Editing Reports
0:40 Grids
0:59 Charts
1:20 Images
1:32 Text Boxes
1:48 Note Boxes
1:58 Inline Grid Entry of Notes
2:10 Using the Notes Text Function with the Note Text Box
2:33 Shared Reports and Shared Objects
3:00 Previewing Report Objects and Reports
3:13 Downloading Reports
3:29 Conditional Formatting and Suppression
4:02 Zooming and Drilling
4:36 Grouping
4:46 Creating Books
4:58 Bursting

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