Overview of #INDICACourse Leadership Lessons From the Vedas #INDICACourses

Indic Civilisation is not only the world’s oldest continuing civilization but also the world’s most resilient and enduring one. Ancient Indian Rishis, the men of higher spiritual experiences and knowledge, guided society through their ideas. It is the power and depth of these ideas that created leaders, founders and makers of the Indic Civilisation, generation after generation, century after century, to bestow not only incredible creativity across the diverse areas of human endeavor but also rescue the Indian Civilization in times of crisis. As India ascends to the world stage with its growing economic clout, it needs to draw and nurture leadership from its own roots, its own genius. The Indic Civilization is one of its own kind with a wide range of thinking, captured in its scripture, into drivers of successful and enduring leadership.

At INDICA Courses, we have started a new "Leadership Lessons " series and the first of these comprises of “Leadership Lessons From the Vedas” : https://indica.courses/enroll/cohort/leadership-lessons-from-the-vedas/

It explores the depth and width of Classical Indic Leadership for leaders (young and emerging as well as mature) to guide and inspire them to leave an enduring legacy as their contribution to the Indic Civilisation. In this regard we organised an open session where our faculty, Dr. Rajshekhar Krishnan, provided an overview of this INDICA Course on Leadership Lessons From the Vedas.

We look forward to your participation in this #INDICACourse. To enroll into this #INDICACourse, click on https://indica.courses/enroll/cohort/leadership-lessons-from-the-vedas/
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