Overclocking Your Intel 12th Gen K CPU on Z690 motherboards – Live ASUS AiOC Demo / Walkthrough

Interested in overclocking your Intel Alder Lake 12th Gen K series CPU? Whether you have a 12900K, 12700K or 12600K we have you covered. In this live stream, we go hands-on and show how you can easily, efficiently, safely, and reliably overclock your Intel 12th Gen K series CPU on ASUS Z690 motherboards manually or by using our exclusive ASUS AiOC feature.

Whether you are an overclocking enthusiast or a first-time novice there will be something for you. We will dive into common questions when it comes to overclocking and how things are different with 12th Gen compared to prior generations.

What is overclocking?

What type of motherboard do I need to overclock? Does it matter?

What type of cooling do I need?

Will it help me when I am gaming? Why overclock?

What about voltages? What about P cores and E cores?

How do I stress test my system? How do I make sure it is stable?

All this and more alongside your questions will be answered in our overclocking 12th gen CPUs on ASUS Z690 motherboards live stream.

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