OTHM L7 - PM - Unit 1 - LO1 - Principles of Project Management

OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management

Unit 1 - Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project

Learning Outcome 1:

Project management: principles; role of the project manager e.g. management of change, understanding of project management system elements and their integration, management of multiple projects; project environment and the impact of external influences on projects; identification of the major project phases (initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, evaluate/close) and why they are required, understanding of the work in each phase; the nature of work in the lifecycles of projects in various industries.
• The Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS),
• Project Execution Strategy (PES) and the
Organisation Breakdown Structure (OBS) e.g. preparation of organisational charts, task responsibility matrix, statement of work (SOW) for project tasks.
• Relationship between schedules, OBS and WBS, network techniques, resourcing techniques, computer-based scheduling and resourcing packages, project progress measurement and reporting techniques, staff-Hours earned value and progress ‘S’ curves, critical path analysis and reporting, milestone trending. C
• Cost control: cost breakdown structure e.g. types of project estimate, resources needed, estimating techniques, estimating accuracy, contingency and estimation, bid estimates, whole-life cost estimates, sources of information, cost information sensitivity, computer-based estimating
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