OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID 19: Are You Ready for Inspection?

On June 21, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for COVID-19 for healthcare settings, which is focused on employee protection against ongoing exposures in the workplace. Compliance with all of the elements of the standard is required as of July 21, 2021. OSHA also has established uniform inspection and enforcement procedures that will be used to ensure compliance in all appropriate healthcare settings.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
* Review the OSHA ETS requirements, including the COVID-19 plan, staff health screening and medical management, training, and record-keeping
* Discuss the role of nonmanagerial employees in the Workplace Hazard Assessment and development of the COVID-19 plan
* Discuss how to integrate the ETS requirements with other state and federal infection control regulations to avoid duplication
* Discuss the ETS inspection process, including procedures for determining compliance such as document reviews, employee interviews and observations, and the corresponding deficiencies that can be cited for noncompliance.
* Discuss tools that can be used to monitor compliance with ETS requirements on an ongoing basis

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