ORSUS IAG - Unified and Intelligent Identity and Access Management Solution

Business is all about relationships, whether it is with employees, customers, partners, vendors, and contractors. The creation and ongoing management of digital identities and their access rights are the key factors for maintaining these relationships. But, due to the increasing number of business relationships and applications, organizations need to get more granular-level visibility into what users have access to, as far as governance, risk, and compliance are concerned.

Without an automated and simplified way to manage identities and their access, managing IAM (Identity and Access Management) landscape will become increasingly complex, posing the burden of managing multiple identities and the challenges of access control. This leaves an organization’s digital IT infrastructure vulnerable, creates compliance & security risks, and results in complexity due to disjointed approaches.

Watch this video to learn how ISSQUARED’s ORSUS™ Identity Access and Governance (IAG) solution could help an organization to reduce the complexity and risk associated with managing identities and controlling their access while meeting corporate compliance and governance needs.

With its unparalleled set of features, ORSUS™ IAG provides users the right level of access they need, enabling them to stay productive, while supporting security, privacy, and compliance mandates. With the use of policy controls, exceptions, RBAC, SODs, and access reviews, it offers a unified governance mechanism that allows authorized individuals a 360° visibility into users’ access and their privileges and empowers them to make better security decisions.

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