Oro Fundamentals. Part 4: Security and Access Control Lists, Import and Export of Entities

In this training segment, we are going to talk about the ACLs and import/export of entities, and in particular, about entity permissions, ownership access levels, actions permissions (capabilities), import and export trigger jobs, import strategies, entity field configurations, and much more.

00:00 Intro
4:07 Entities and their data: practice session
30:29 Security and access control lists
30:58 General information
35:28 Ownership
39:58 Security
46:53 Entity permissions
50:39 Ownership access levels
53:58 How to define entity permissions
56:07 Example: Call center
56:36 Example: Operator
57:42 Example: Manager of department
58:11 Example: Manager of call center
58:55 Example: Call center with hierarchy
59:38 Action permissions (capabilities)
1:01:06 How to define action permissions
1:01:57 How to check action permissions
1:09:29 Best practices
1:10:05 Q&A
1:29:24 Import and Export of Entities
1:29:53 General information
1:30:59 Jobs
1:33:47 Processors
1:43:44 Data converters
1:45:26 Basic concepts
1:47:45 Normalizers
1:50:33 Import strategy
1:53:35 Processor types
1:56:22 Entity field configuration
2:04:09 Import and Export buttons
2:09:44 Potential issues
2:10:57 Best practices
2:13:16 Q&A
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