Organizational Change Management and Kanban Maturity Model_Tuncer Tunç

Organizational Change Management and Kanban Maturity Model

We will discuss organizational change management and how Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) could help organizations in this journey.

Today we see ever-increasing number of companies are announcing they started or (completed?!?) “Agile Transformation”s in their organizations. We observe very different approaches; some starts within a team and cannot not go more. Or some of them requires re-organization of IT, or even whole company, according to a framework. Analysts’ reports claim that only few of these transformations are successful.

We will talk about the most common issues and look for general patterns related with these programs. We will also talk how we can increase our chance to be successful, where we can start, how we handle communication with stakeholders, how we can track about our progress.


​Tuncer Tunç graduated from Hacettepe University Computer Science & Engineering Department in 2000.

​He has worked in various global ICT firms such as Bull, Avea, IBM POS, CompuGroup Medical, Atos and adesso as engineer, manager, and director. In 2007, he started to practice project/service/product management and continued this journey by learning and applying lean and agile management approaches.

He started to apply Kanban Method in 2017 and increased his focus in this approach by taking KMP and KCP credentials. He also has PMP, ITIL and ICF Professional Coach certificates.

​Recently he has been researching the critical factors/concepts (such as business agility, lean thinking, generative organization culture, continuous learning, transformational leadership, coaching) that differentiates successful organizations from others, applying these approaches to his organization and their customers.

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