Organisation and management skills for ADHD students-SPED

⭐⭐Secrets of the organized student⭐⭐

✔Getting organized can make life easier for kids with learning and thinking differences. It might take some effort in the beginning, but it’s worth it in the long run. Here are tips to help kids improve organizational skills at home, at school, and beyond.

✔Kids with ADHD rarely keep their backpacks tidy — and that sometimes has serious consequences on overall academic performance. These organization strategies can help kids build the skills they need to stay neat — or at least neatish!

✔There are always a couple students each year who really struggle to stay organized. Maybe you notice this characteristic in your own children. Messy desks and work areas, can’t locate things, have difficulty getting organized for class, often don’t have the tools they need for the day or forget homework, are unaware of deadlines, have trouble prioritizing or planning to complete activities, and perhaps this causes them to be unfocused.

✔Here are a few tips to help support these students and relieve them of the stresses around becoming organised. It can be a frustration for child, parents and teacher, and can often impact on instruction time, while they struggle to find supplies and books.

✔This is a 27 page PDF download, which will has strategies, templates and posters that you can use to help students to become organised in the classroom and doing their work at home.

This eBook will help to relieve some of the stresses around unpacking assignments, planning, prioritizing and organizing their time.

✔There are some fabulous links that students will find incredibly engaging and useful. The poster images are simple yet the strategies demonstrated in them are effective in helping students to get organized in their work habits.

✔For many of our students who may be diagnosed ADD or ADHD, this can be a very challenging area. Many special needs students in older grades will benefit from the scaffolds, websites and planning templates included in the book,

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⭐⭐Fantastic resource! Exactly what I needed!

⭐⭐Thank you! This has been very helpful. There were great ideas that I used with my special ed students.

⭐⭐This was so helpful for my son! Thank you for helping me turn him into an organized student!

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Create a second copy for students to take home so that there is continuity across both school and home environments.

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This resource requires NO PREP and is easy to use.

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