Open session on Strategy Analysis | Live Webinar | Business Analysis

Every enterprise desires to reach a set of goals and objectives to realize the potential value. And strategy defines the most effective way to apply the capabilities. Business Analysts play the role of Strategy Analyst and apply the tasks and techniques related to Strategy Analyst to help the enterprises.
What Strategy Analysis is?
• Business Analysts applying the strategy analysis helps the stakeholders to decide if they want to go with the recommended strategy.
• Strategy Analysis studies help the enterprise to get the assessment of the adjustment(s) needed in their business
• When is done properly, it helps an enterprise to take strategic/ tactical decisions
Session Overview:
The session will cover the following topics:
• How should you analyze the current state of an enterprise
o How is baseline and context set for the enterprise
• How should you define the future state for an enterprise
o Deciding what parts of the enterprise to be changed to achieve the business objectives
• How should you assess the risks in strategy analysis
o Techniques to handle risks
o What is Risk Register, how should you analyze, evaluate and treat the risk
• How should you define the strategy to help an enterprise to move from current to future state
It is an open session/ event for aspiring Business Analysts. This webinar will address all your doubts and apprehensions and will help you take the right steps for strategy analysis for an enterprise.
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