Online Training Program For FMCG Startups | FMCG Sales Officers | FMCG Area Sales Managers

This online training program on FMCG Sales and Distribution is for FMCG Startups, FMCG Sales Officers and FMCG Area Sales Managers, Students who wants to enter the FMCG industry.
This will help FMCG Startups and FMCG entrepreneurs scale up their business.
This will help FMCG Sales Officers crack FMCG job interview and do well in their FMCG Sales and Distribution business.
FMCG Area Sales Managers can do better planning and drive the team better.

Link to the Program is given below:
For Enquiries - 8920934437

FMCG Ke Badshah is an online FMCG sales training program that covers the following topics:
This course covers the following topics:

1. How To Select The Right FMCG Product
Need Analysis
Category analysis
Feasibility Analysis
Idea Selection - Product Mix - Width, Length, Depth

2. FMCG Brand Positioning and Pricing
Segmenting Targeting and Positioning
Pricing Strategy
Calculating Projected EBITDA
Budget Allocation For BTL Activities

3. Brand Communication
Effective Communication Of USP
Communication on Packaging

4. FMCG Go To Market Strategy
Evolution of GTM
GTM Structure, Process and Tools
Channel and Outlet Classification
How To Crack CSD and Modern Trade
How To Use The D2C Platform

5. FMCG Trade Marketing
Role of Trade Marketing
Types of BTL Activities
Designing Trade Schemes

6. Driving Offtake
Consumer Offers
Principles of Merchandizing
In-Store Display Element
Sales Tools

7. FMCG Inventory Management
The key Metrices of inventory management
The key tools for inventory management
Inventory control at different levels - Retail and Distributor

8. Creating The Sales Organization
What are the levels in a sales organization hierarchy
What are their Roles Accountabilities and KPIs
How select the right candidate

9. How To Identify New FMCG Markets And Expand Coverage
How to identify the coverage gaps
How to set target for new outlet opening
How to do Retail Mapping
How to do Beat Designing
How to do delivery beat planning
New Outlet Opening

10. FMCG Distributor Management
How identify a Distributor
How to calculate the Distributor Infra required
Distributor appointment process
Setting up the distributor point processes
Distributor ROI calculation
Distributor Evaluation
Joint Business Plan

11. FMCG Data Analysis and Data Based Decision Making
Analyzing reports and data
Gap identification
Creating the execution plan

12. FMCG Sales Force Automation
The platform
Its usage and benefits

13. How To Lead A FMCG Sales Team
Concept Of Coaching
Qualities Of A Coach
Coaching Process

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