Online Poster Presentations - 14th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference

14th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference
March 25-26, 2022
Yale University and Online
Michigan State University Department of Psychiatry

8:00 73 Career Satisfaction of US Muslim Female Physicians - Hager Alkhafaji & Anisah Al-Qadi (Z)
8:05 84 Scale for Positive Identification of Jinn Possession - Hamidi Abdul Rahman, MSc (Z)
8:10 86 Qawwam Man Family Leader Wellbeing in Facing VUCA World: Al-Ghazali Chaliphal Qualification Measurement Model - Ahmad Aizuddin Md Rami, PhD & Siti Aishah Hassan, PhD
8:15 87 Fragilities Unmasked via continuance used computer implemented genogram: Reclaiming Ibnu Al-Kalbi Genealogy Artifact - Mohammad Asraffuddien Basri, Siti Aishah Hassan, PhD & Dharatun Nissa
8:20 88 Unmasked Fragilities with Ghazali’s Maqasid As-shariah Framework Dyadic Discernment Scales among Youth in Marital Conflicts - Mohd Hamdan Mohamed Nordin, MSc, Siti Aishah Hassan PhD, Prof. Dr. Ismi Arif Ismail, Hanina Halimastussaadiah Hamsan
8:25 90 Al Balkhi Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Unmasking Fragilities and Social Isolation: Randomized Controlled Trials on Depression and Sexual Satisfaction among Menopausal Women - Neda Deylami & Siti Aishah Hassan, PhD,
8:30 91 Unmasked Fragilities with Self Determination among Opiate Dependent in Methadone Treatment: A randomized controlled trials on Individual Islamic Psycho-socio education - Engku Mardiah Engku Kamarudin, PhD & Siti Aishah Hassan, PhD
8:35 94 Improving of Dyadic Conflict Management Styles for Unmasking Fragilities and Social Isolation among Fathers with their Adolescent Sons - Neda Deylami, PhD & Assoc. Prof Dr. Zainal bin Madon (R)
8:40 66 Perinatal Health Outcomes in Muslim Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Taqwa Tofaha (Z) & Venus Mahmoodi
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