Online Civil Structural Details Design Engineering with Software Training- Course Demo

Online Civil Structural Details Design Engineering with Software Training
1. Structural Engineering Concepts
Beams and Frames – SFD, BMD and deflections
Residential Building concept
Industrial Structures concept
Understanding loads on various structures
Seismic Forces concept
Wind Forces concept

2. 2D & 3D Modelling Structures
Create project, Model & Drawing File
Copy, Delete & Open Model
Preferences Editor, Section Library
Compress Frame Work Plus Database
Verify Model
Select Filter Setting
Member Attributes Orientation
Create, Set, List, Drop, Modify view
Freeze View & Update Frozen, Regenerate
Place Linear Member
Place 3D Solids
Modify, Manipulate, Cutbacks
Linear Material Reports
Review & locate Elements
Create User Section Table

3. Analysis & Design of Structures
Modelling of structure
Calculation of loads by reading Navis file/ Edrawing
Application of loads in STAAD Connect
Creating load combinations
Reading final output
Checking of Tekla BIM sight

4. Steel Frame Connection
Setup Phase I ( Job Options)
Modelling Phase 1(Beams and Columns)
Modelling Tools
Modelling Phase 2
Material Operations
Setup Phase 2
Drawing Editor
Parametric Modelling

5. Structural Module
Structures- As per Equipment Layout & Piping Layout
Beams and Columns
Create Beams and Columns
Extend Beams and Columns
Creating Bracings
Generating the Reports
Structural commands ( All Structural commands are covered)

6. Panels and Plates
Creating Panels and Plate
Cutting Panels and Plate
Splitting of panels and plate
Penetration of panels and plates

7. Floors
Creations of floors

8. ASL Modeller
Creation of platforms, Ladders, Stairs

9. Hangers and Support Module
Supporting the Equipment’s, Structures, pipes
Modelling of supports
Modelling of line guide, hold down, limit stop.
Modelling of stiffener plates, doubler plate.
Modelling of crap plates.

10. 3D Structural Design
Working with Member, Splitting Members
Importing and Exporting Structure
Working with Slabs, Cutting Openings
Managing Equipment Foundations
Sketching in 3-D

11. Draft
Final output of plant layout
GA Drawing creation in 2D
Dimensioning, Labelling
Export the drawing to AutoCAD
Reflecting the design change in draft
Commands in draft

Software Skills You will be expert:
1. Staad Connect Edition
2. Ram Connection
3. Idea Statica
4. Navis Freedom
5. Edrawing
6. Bim Sight Tekla

What you will Get
1. It will upscale your skills, you will be industry ready and able to join as Civil Design Engineer in any EPC companies worldwide.
2. Course Completion Certificate will be provided.
3. Placement Assistance and doubt discussion will be provided after training.
4. Training Materials will be provided.
5. Interview Assistance will be provided.

Fresh Batch Available.

Fee - INR 40,000. USD 550

Course Duration:60 days. (Tentative)

Mode: Online Training on Google Meet or ZOOM.

Days: Regular 7 pm - 8 pm IST, and weekend batches flexible timing also available.

For more details, please contact us.

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