One does not simply "go viral”: How to manage your clients’ social media with Duda

Looking to add social media management to your list of services? Or maybe you want some hot tips on how to streamline social media publishing for your clients? Or maybe you have clients who want to go viral?

Well, we can’t help you with that last one, but don’t worry. Success on social media is all about being specific and consistent - and this we can show you.

Hear from Ruan Marinho and Evan Bumbera of agency partner, Develomark, on how they leveraged automated workflows and Duda to automate social media management for their clients. They’ll also show you a step-by-step live demo so you can see how you can implement this for your own business.

In addition, Duda's Head of Social Media, Kimberly Truong, will offer practical tips and advice on how to get the best social content from your clients.
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