Onboarding AWS Organization Using Cloud Entitlements Manager

"In this short video we'll walk through an AWS Organization Onboarding using Cloud Entitlements Manager.

Within Cloud Entitlements Manager go to Setup and select Platform Management.

Connect to AWS, choose New Organization, and then Connect.

Then, add the Management account ID and the Root ID. The organization name and description are both optional and can be added as desired.

Next specify where your logs are stored, and then the Cloud Trail settings will follow. We can gather all of this information via our AWS console.

Here we can see the Management account ID, Root ID, and organizational details. We'll also need the Cloud trail bucket name, which we'll copy now.

Paste in the Cloud trail bucket name, and select the appropriate bucket region.

Next click the CloudFormation Stack link. This will open a Quick Create Stack page. Confirm the information is accurate and chose create stack.

Once the stack is created head back into Cloud Entitlements Manager and choose 'start discovery'

Please note this can take in excess of one hour to complete for large organizations.

To verify the discovery has completed, we can head into Cloud Entities and see the newly added accounts."
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