On-Demand Webinar:Driving Success through Effective Procurement and Category Management Organization

Download Webinar Slides: www2.everestgrp.com/reportaction/18July23-Webinar/Toc

Do you have an exceptional procurement and category management organization model? As you know firsthand, an effective one is needed to meet your stakeholders’ expectations in today’s uncertain economic environment.

With emerging trends such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, next-gen technologies, and cost optimization imperatives, category management structures need to continuously evolve to meet changing demands.

Join this on-demand webinar as our expert analysts discuss the crucial design factors in evolving procurement and category management organizations, covering aspects such as accountability structures, emerging roles and skillsets, governance, policies, and outsourcing adoption.

What questions will the on-demand webinar answer for the participants?

• What are the various category management organization models prevalent in the market?
• What are the factors that impact procurement and category management organizational structures?
• How is resource management conducted in best-in-class procurement organizations?
• How do organizations enable effective collaboration between category managers, suppliers, and business stakeholders?
• How are emerging technologies affecting existing procurement structures?
• What are the best practices in outsourcing procurement and category management?
• How can effective category management structures help deal with uncertainties arising from shifting macroeconomic trends?
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