On-demand Webinar | IT Service Provider 2023 Forecast: The Top 5 Themes for Growth and Wallet Share

Download the webinar slides: https://www2.everestgrp.com/reportaction/31Jan23-Webinar/Toc

The demand for technology services continues to remain strong, despite being in a recessionary period. However, the nature of these deals is evolving. This webinar will offer service providers insights into the emerging themes, challenges, and growth pockets in the technology services market.

Within technology services, this webinar will deep dive into the top five demand themes – data and AI, cloud, experience, platforms, and security – driving growth for IT service providers in 2023.

We will answer the following questions in this webinar:

- What are the unique themes driving enterprise consumption in cloud, data and AI, platforms, security, and interactive services, respectively?
- What are the prominent themes that will drive service provider growth?
- What should service providers do to gain higher wallet share?
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