On- demand webinar: Between collaboration and control – Royal BAM’s M365 governance success story

Maintaining a healthy balance between collaboration and control is a fundamental cloud governance objective. For many organizations, the challenge is to implement a governance approach that fulfills the cloud-first model.

In 2020, Royal BAM Group nv addressed this challenge and opted to integrate Rencore Governance as part of its Microsoft 365 governance strategy. By incorporating Rencore Governance, BAM created a dynamic Microsoft 365 governance approach, enabling those responsible for platform management to identify, assess, and act on information swiftly at scale.

In this webinar, Ed Houweling, the Office 365 Competence Center Lead at BAM, pinpoints the moment Rencore Governance became imperative for their cloud-first approach and highlights the best practices relating to Microsoft 365 Governance and Rencore Governance.

He will talk about use cases BAM built to increase visibility into topics like external access control, cost management, lifecycle management, security and operations. Ed will also talk about how BAM started the adoption of Rencore Governance with the BAM Procurement and Software Asset Management team before rolling it out to other BAM teams.
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