Omicron sub variant BA.2 explained: spread of ba.2 found in 57 Countries and more contagious - WHO

Omicron sub variant BA.2 explained: spread of ba.2 found in 57 Countries and more contagious than omicron - WHO | subvariant omicron ba.2

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The new Covid omicron sub variant "BA.2" or BA.2 Sub-Variant of Omicron is said to be spreading faster than Omicron. Here's everything you need to know about this highly transmissible strain. The World Health Organization (WHO) has on 1 February, Tuesday pointed that the BA.2 sub-variant has been detected in 57 countries, predominantly in Asia and Europe. The B.1.1.529 lineage of COVID-19 was named Omicron. However, it was discovered later that this lineage has certain sub-variations. The three most common types are: B.1.1.529.1 (BA.1– currently predominant), B.1.1.529.2 (BA.2 – raised concerns) & B.1.1.529.3 (BA.3). But in last few days the BA.2 variant of omicron has emerged and has spread faster than BA.1, especially in Denmark and also found in 57 Countries considering more contagious than omicron.
Watch the video to know details about omicron subvariant ba.2, omicron subvariant ba 2 symptoms and effect of omicron subvariant and vaccines.
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