OFPG Voices - Episode 17 (Stirrings of September)

In this thrilling OFPG Voices episode, we've got 5 slots filled! Welcoming our newest contributor, @rolling.reggie, he discusses his top 5 favorite card games! Then Amanda brings Dan "Shoe" and Christina from @Going Analog in for some trivia, Jazz from The Lobby of Hobbies talks about 5 reasons it's important to have a board game club, Aaron from GameEnthus talks about... Target and a game he discovered, and Dr. Tanya Pobuda talks about violence in board games and other things. Starla also returns with another entry for Good Humans. Lots of topics, lots of stuff, LOADS of fun!
Stick around, and enjoy the show! Voices will return next month! Keep an eye out for more soon!

OFPG on Going Analog's Board Game Quiz Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSqiUjeW-qA

Reggie's SCOUT Review: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cfr9D4mPnZj/

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All on You and Next Chapter from Tetris Effect: Connected are utilized in this video.
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