Office hours: Figma like the pros (2023)

We’re ringing in 2023 by bringing ten Figmates to showcase their favorite features and share their tips and tricks. You’ll hear from Mallory Dean, Natasha Tenggoro, Leandro Castelao, Kaitie Chambers, Laura Pang, Bettina Chou, Jackie Chui, Ian Hall, Cai Charniga, and Jake Albaugh.
Whether you’re new to Figma or a pro yourself, tune in to get an inside look on how the teams who build Figma and FigJam use the tools.

0:00 Intro - Rogie King (Designer Advocate)
02:02 10 Hot Figma Gems - Mallory Dean (Designer Advocate)
08:20 How FigJam onboards new users - Natasha Tenggoro (Product Designer)
15:27 Using components to build Figma’s Brand Studio Illustration Library - Leandro Castelao (Brand Designer)
20:25 Redesign your meetings with 5 fun FigJam tools - Kaitie Chambers (Designer Advocate)
27:21 Behind the scenes of an engineer at Figma - Laura Pang (Software Engineer)
32:44 Using Figma for your portfolio - Bettina Chou (Product Designer)
38:33 10 Pro Tips to 10x your workflow - Jackie Chui (Product Designer)
43:39 Usability Testing like a pro - Ian Hall (Researcher)
50:03 FigJam for facilitation - Cai Charniga (DesignOps Lead)
55:20 Component properties and Figma’s Plugin API - Jake Albaugh (Developer Advocate).

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