Office First or Remote First? Why it matters for a hybrid workplace


Join us for live learning session about the difference between an office-firs and a remote-first mindset.

Chances are that you have both mindsets in your organisation and that might lead to different management styles, problems and even employees leaving your company.

Understanding the difference and why it matters is key for any HR and business leaders who is involved in shaping a new hybrid workplace.

Join us in this free and interactive learning session. After the session you will:

✅ Understand the difference between a remote-first and an office-first mindset

✅ Know why it might look the same and be called hybrid, but will lead to very different outcomes.

✅ Understand why any hybrid company needs to develop a remote-first mindset.

✅ Know what you can do to drive change for your company to adapt a remote-first mindset.
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