Off Grid Life in Central Portugal, 1.5 Acres Land Management and Winter Pruning

This week we’ve been doing a bit of land management on the new piece of land. 1.5 acres is the perfect size for us, enough to keep us busy but not overwhelmed. We have a lot of trees that need some tlc and winter is a great time for pruning.

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Beijos e abraços,
Carissa, Iwan, Frankie & Albi

Carissa, Iwan & Frankie decided one night over a bottle of wine that moving from North Wales to Portugal would be a good idea. Within a month they were on the road to Portugal to find the perfect piece of land to call their new home. We picked up Albi the cat along the way. Subscribe to follow our journey as we turn an old stone barn into our home, and learn the ropes of looking after a piece of land to make an abundant garden and one day, our very own winery.
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