Odoo 15 Subscriptions Module | Odoo 15 Enterprise Edition

Subscription is one of the best and most effective tools to maintain good customer relationship management.#odoo15subscription

Video content:
0:00 - Introduction to Odoo 15 Subscription
0:55 - Odoo 15 Subscription Dashboard
1:45 - Create and Configure Subscription Templates in Odoo 15 to plan your subscriptions
8:36 - Manage Subscription Products with Odoo 15
11:20 - Manage Subscription Stages in Odoo 15
12:26 - How to create and sell a subscription in Odoo 15
15:48 - Manage Subscriptions that need to be renewed
16:49 - Upsell a Subscription in Odoo 15
19:06 - How to close a Subscription in Odoo 15
20:14 - Send subscription offers and alerts to the customer
25:12 - Subscription Reports(Subscription Analysis Report, Retention Analysis Report, Revenue KPIs Report, Salesperson Dashboard Report)

When it comes to subscription there is a term subscriber

A subscriber is more likely to purchase products from the shop or online platform where he or she has a subscription.

#Odoo15 subscription can be used to manage all subscription generation and renewal activities. It will help the business to manage the subscribed members. It can help you to manage subscription products, subscription renewal, and all subscriptions. The status of subscriptions can also be viewed with ease from the dashboard itself.

Odoo, being a modular ERP platform offers support to integrate subscriptions with other modules. This helps different business ventures integrate subscriptions with marketing and customer management software solutions.

Odoo gives a clear view of all subscriptions created by the user in the dashboard of the application. The Subscription dashboard helps the operator to find the status of the subscription and then modify the subscription if required.

The operator will be able to view the subscription in the draft, the subscription in the progressing stage, and the subscriptions closed with the help of the dashboard view.

With Subscription management, one can easily manage their recurring revenue assured on a monthly, yearly, quarterly basis and add up value to your business.

It allows to sell new contracts, upsell customers, keep the churn under control, and have reporting on the main KPIs: MRR, ARR, retention, churn, upselling, etc.

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