Odoo 15 Payroll management | Manage Payroll | Odoo 15 Enterprise Edition

This video describes about Odoo 15 Payroll management. Odoo Payroll module makes it easy to organize all payroll activities in a company.
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Video Contents
00:00 Introduction
00:33 Goes to payroll
01:12 Contract
01:50 Salary attachment
03:27 Configuration - settings
04:40 Work entry types
06:16 Working times
07:00 Structure types
07:56 Salary structure
09:32 Salary rules
12:00 Salary rule parameter
12:47 Other input types
13:05 Advantages
14:30 Personal info
15:39 Resume
16:00 Goes to work entry
17:21 Conflict
18:12 Time off
19:05 Goes to payslip to pay
20:55 All payslip
21:18 Batches
22:25 Reporting

Payrolls are the entire amount of wages that a firm pays to its employees. Total work time, base pay, overtime, and bonus awards are all aspects that go into determining the salary.
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