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Leave management is one of the major areas in any organization. A leave management system, also known as time-off management, is a process within an organization that governs how the leave is requested by employees and approved by managers and how it is tracked for payroll and other HR-related purposes. It involves bringing the request to the attention of multiple decision-makers, informing payroll, and communicating with employee attendance records and organizational policies for time off and leave. The HR department is responsible for a large part of this task. 

The Leave Management in Odoo 15 is easier for the end-user when compared with other ERP or Leave management systems. With Odoo's leave management software, the front-end user can configure the approval level and set up different leave types. This will boost up or faster than the HR department. In Odoo, the leave request is an automated process manner, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees. Also, the approvals are very configurable for the HR or Manager.

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