October Developer Roundtable with Michael and Jason - Testing, Community & Customer Service

Community and Web Manager Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with Customer Service Manager Michael "Artois" Butler and Customer Service/Associate Community Manager Jason "Medawky" Bolton to talk about all things Testing, Community & Customer Service.

0:00 Intro
1:26 CS Tools and Skills
5:02 Preparing for Focus Testing
7:01 Champions Joining Discord
8:57 Interacting with Testers
11:49 Focus Testing Goals
16:06 Official Discord Growth
20:35 Contributors to Focus Testing
22:35 Feedback Loop in Testing
23:45 Guide Program
26:15 Post Release Test Server
28:58 When to Focus vs Full Test
35:55 Watching other MMORPG Launches
39:10 Onboarding for Alpha Testing
40:32 Server Events
41:36 Solving Account Issues
42:07 Programming to Support CS
43:15 Vision of Future Pantheon CS
49:28 Rapid Fire Questions
53:46 Policies on Malicious Trolling
1:02:54 Outro
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