October 27th Webinar - Gulf Islands Governance, Power and Public Engagement

This is the 2nd All Our Voices Webinar organised to allow conversations about the draft Island Trust Policy.

The list of speakers is below - and ex-Senator Pat Carney (Saturna) popped in after Mark Lasby.

All questions and discussion were after the speakers had finished.

Feedback on this or ideas for future webinars are welcome - contact us at:
[email protected]

Speakers were as follows:
• John Cowhig, Saltspring, Encouraging Trustees to Balance Personal Ideology with Representation of their Communities
• Lee Middleton,Saturna, Chair of Islands Trust Governance and Management Review Select Committee
• Margie Gang, Denman, Letter to Josie Osborne and response, re Policy Statement (to be read)
• Mairi Welman, Saltspring, Public Engagement Strategist
• John Money, Saturna, Ex- trustee and long-time family business owner on Saturna. Islands Trust Past and Present: It's job to supply local Governance
• Mark Lasby, Quadra, Land Development on Quadra and Board of Rural Islands Economic Partnership (RIEP)
• Mary Beth Rondeau, Pender, Working Groups and future Webinars - Talking across the Islands
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