October 2022: Expanding an Organization’s Objectives to Include Sustainable Management Goals

Our October meeting focused on the exploding Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) movement which addresses organizational responsibility and practices to reduce negative environmental impact and support sustainability practices.

In less than 20 years the ESG movement has grown from a corporate social responsibility initiative (launched by the United Nations and detailed in the 2004 report, (“Who Cares Wins”) into a global phenomenon representing more than us $30 trillion dollars in assets under management.

Our meeting, led by Stephen Will Weir, a Silicon Valley chapter member and highly experienced professional in corporate transformation for sustainability, gave us insight into this movement and shared ways we can make an impact within it.

Using real world examples, data and case studies, Stephen simplified the jargon around Corporate Governance sustainability and engaged with one of the great questions (excuses!) facing individuals and sustainability leaders about influencing business and organization sustainability. "Where does my responsibility begin...and where does it end?"

Stephen’s presentation includes examples, tools and techniques followed by a Q&A session to understand and begin to develop a clear plan of action for those interested in addressing the impact of business and large organizations lacking sustainable practices and how we can encourage sustainable governance.
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