Nutrient Cycling in Cropping Systems: Impacts of the Soil Food Web on Nutrient Availability

This workshop will identify the major players in the soil food web and their effects on nutrient cycling in the soil. Major topics include: the influence of crops on the soil food web, the effects of soil disturbance on soil microbial communities, how nutrients can become “immobilized” in the soil (making them unavailable to growing crops), the role of cover crops in recycling nutrients on farms, and how crop C:N ratios impact decomposition and nutrient cycling.


Alexa Smychkovich is a PhD candidate in the Plant and Soil Sciences Program at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Her research is focused on enhancing soil health and increasing the yield and quality of vegetable crops using cover crops and AM fungi.

This workshop recording comes from the 2021 NOFA Summer Conference. Visit nofasummerconference.org to learn more.
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