November 8th SEO Collective - Gaston Riera Crawl Capacity Management

SEO Collective is now completely hybrid - both in person and digital.
We're back to in person events at Easy Go Gaming at Level 2, 287 Collins Street Melbourne CBD. We're completely Wheelchair Accessible and have standard covid protocol for events with an onsite Covid officer to ensure your safety.

Hosted by Nik Ranger and Peter Mead, broadcasting to you live from Melbourne with friends all round the globe this month. We'll be sharing the news roundup and share tips on how to prepare for the year ahead.

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SEO Collective events are the FIRST tuesday of every month so keep posted.
To reach out and make general inquiries please contact Nik Ranger with the headline SEO Collective and your request to @nikrangerseo on twitter.

7pm: Welcome to SEO Collective Peter Mead and Nik Ranger
7.05pm - 7.30pm (roughly) SEO news, algorithm updates, SERP volatility, highlight interesting articles being shared we found to be useful/interesting
7.30pm Panel Presentation on SEO Fundamentals
Closing Remarks, where people can find you and any CTA shout outs

Where to contact our hosts and speakers:
Nik Ranger - twitter: @nikrangerseo - email: [email protected]
Peter Mead - twitter: @petermeadit - email: [email protected]
Peter Macinkovic - twitter: @inkovic
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