[Nov 2021] How Governance & Culture Can Address ESG Related Risks

Session 1 of the Leading Edge: Applying Enterprise Risk Management to ESG Related Risks

Governance, including strong oversight is a prerequisite to effectively identifying, assessing and addressing the full spectrum of business risks. Incorporating ESG-related risks into the governance structure, systems and processes is critical for overcoming the challenges many organizations face in managing material ESG risks.

Learning objectives:
- Best practices for developing an ESG strategy from the top down
- How to establish operating structures in the pursuit of ESG strategy and business objectives
- How to incorporate ESG into company values and culture
- How companies can define purpose-driven cultures aligned with ESG
- Best practices for human and social capital management

Karen Alonardo, MSEM, Vice President of ESG Solutions, NAVEX Global
Rodolfo Araujo, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
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