Nonprofit Management 101: The 9 Skills You Need

Starting a nonprofit, leading, or working for a nonprofit? Here are 9 skills you need for nonprofit management and leadership. #Nonprofits #Nonprofit #StartingANonprofit

I am a nonprofit founder who now works full time as the Executive Director for the nonprofit I started many years ago. I grew my skills at nonprofit management and leadership over several years - I definitely didn’t start with them! But, looking back, if I’d known all it would take to successfully run my nonprofit organization, I would have invested more in some areas earlier on.

If you are starting a nonprofit, thinking about it, or have just started a nonprofit, or KNOW someone who is trying to start a nonprofit, I hope this helps!

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How Successful Nonprofits Fundraise when Starting and Growing

9 Books Nonprofit Leaders Should Read

How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan | Starting a Nonprofit


0:00 Introduction
02:20 Strategic Planning
04:29 Board Governance
06:65 Human Resources
08:02 Volunteer Management
10:10 Collaborations and Partnerships
11:55 Fundraising
14:25 Legal and Financial Management
16:01 Technology
17:49 Marketing and Public Relations


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