Nonprofit Governance | Discovering 10 Principles of Complementary Nonprofit Governance with Tom

Like any company, your organizations' success depends on finding qualified, dedicated staff and keeping them happy. #Nonprofit #Governance #Nonprofits

The Complementary Model of Board Governance is an effective and rewarding governance approach. But only if you know how it works! In this episode of the Strategic Nonprofit Podcast, host Trista sits down with the CEO of AMC NPO Solutions, Tom Abbott. Listen in as they explain 10 key principles of the complementary board governance model for nonprofits.

Check out the full article: https://www.amcnposolutions.com/principles-of-complementary-governance-model/

00:00 Introduction to episode
00:14 Welcome, Tom!
0:42 What is the Complementary Model of Board Governance?
01:23 10 Principles of Complementary Governance #1-3
04:46 10 Principles of Complementary Governance #4-6
08:34 10 Principles of Complementary Governance #7-10

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