Non-positional Leadership: How to grow your leadership skills without a leadership title

Learning Objective #1
Summarize the definition of non-positional leadership and different leadership styles.

Learning Objective #2
Distinguish between multiple assessments for determining your strengths/communication style.

Learning Objective #3
Highlight a pilot GC experience of integrating peer-to-peer mentorship into professional development.

Learning Objective #4
Identify several resources and tips for growing leadership ability.

Please share a brief outline of how you will utilize the hour webinar time.
We will have three unique topics, each taking 15-20 minutes each. All questions will be addressed at the end of the webinar.

Speaker #1 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Julie Hufham, [email protected] , Oncocyte

Speaker #2 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Anna Essendrup, [email protected], Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Speaker #3 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Carrie Lahner, [email protected], Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Speaker #4 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Sara Mokhtary, [email protected], Texas Oncology

Please describe how this session will address Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion issues relative to the speakers, audience, patient population, and/or other relevant components and content of the session proposal.

While none of these topics are specific to JEDI issues, we believe that leadership skills and mentorship can be used to improve inclusion, equity and diversity in the field of genetic counseling and the career development of all genetic counselors.
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