Nocturnals Ploy is BROKEN - Here's Why | Lost Depths PTS

In this video I go through a full explanation of why nocturnals ploy is broken and why the idea should be scrapped for a new set. It's tough to come up with new sets, especially with so many that already exist...but this set in its current state breaks how pvp combat functions and for that reason it should be changed.

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01:20 - Reason #1 There's already a buff and debuff system
03:08 - Reason #2 Removing a major buff is the strength of a 5 pc bonus
09:50 - How much dmg mitigation does nocturnals give?
17:28 - Reason #3 It removes set procs in the game
19:30 - Reason #4 How much does it cost to debuff an opponent?
23:18 - How combat would function vs nocturnals
25:05 - This set is the antithesis of what Zenimax wants to do for new players
27:40 - Who Does this Set Effect in PVP?
31:44 - Summary of the set
34:00 - Counterargument supporting this set
35:38 - I hop on a soap box
37:20 - A request for an actual argument supporting this set
38:24 - Why do "weak" sets always get discussed like this?
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